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Friendly wager between Gator teammates leads to Twitter ban



Florida senior safety Ahmad Black is well-known among his teammates for his love of all things Twitter.  He's constantly posting on his account.

But if you're a follower, don't look for any tweets from Black this week.

He's been banned from using it after losing a bet with freshman quarterback Trey Burton - a friendly wager on last week's Miami Heat vs. Orlando Magic game. The loser can't use Twitter for one week.

"Black tried to be funny one day in the locker room saying the Heat are sorry and all this stuff about about my boy Lebron (James),'' Burton said. "I made a little bet with him and he can't Twitter from (Monday) until Friday. I made it easy on him. I said 'I'll give you Monday to Friday instead of Saturday to Saturday.' So he's actually lucky for that.''

To ensure that Black complies, Burton forced him to delete the Twitter app from his phone.

"Life is very tough right now,'' Black said. "But I'll be back at 12:01 on Friday. Look for me.''

Meanwhile, Burton plans on talking plenty of smack to Black while he's banned.

"I can guarantee you I'll have something to say to him everyday and he can't respond,'' Burton said.



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