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If you're complaining, Steve Addazio can't hear you



Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio continues to be the subject of criticism on message boards and talk radio, but the Gators' offensive coordinator said he's too busy working to make his team better to worry about what's being said about him - or the job he's doing.

"Believe it or not, you go about your business,'' Addazio said. "And you want to just get better every day. That’s your focus: to get better, to work hard, to fundamentally improve, to try to get yourself at competitive excellence. That’s what you do. You can’t control all that (outside) stuff.''

Florida has spent the past two weeks retooling some of its offense and trying to get several injured players healthy. Meanwhile, the staff has been trying to remind the players that they have to stick together through this adversity. Addazio said he remains positive.

"You can’t let that negativity shape you,'' he said. "You just want to keep working on the things you know that you want to get corrected, or you want to fix, or you want to change. It’s not blame, it’s just here it is, this is what we’ve got to do, this is what we’ve got to get done. Let’s go get it, let’s go attack it. That’s what you have to do. I know society is maybe not as much that way and that’s too bad. That’s a sad commentary.''

While Florida's play-calling has come under fire, head coach Urban Meyer has stuck behind Addazio. Meyer said this week that he looks over every call that's made, and while many things have contributed to the three losses, bad plays aren't the issue.

“We don’t have a bad play,'' Meyer said. "I don’t allow that. That’s my job. There is no such thing as saying, ‘Oh, that’s a bad play.’ It might look awful because someone doesn’t block the right guy or someone doesn’t execute, so I go back to efficiency.  I evaluate every play called. I do that every week, and are there times where I would have like to run this play as opposed to this? Yeah. But is it a bad play? There’s not a bad play that goes into a game. It’s poorly executed because we didn’t efficiently practice it.”

[Last modified: Thursday, October 28, 2010 4:05pm]


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