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72449944gs012_michigan_wolv Suffice to say, the sporting press in Michigan is less than happy with their team being left out of the BCS title game. Here's a sampling of their recent comments.

"Michigan fell in the rankings two straight weeks without playing a game, so let's cut through the garbage and admit what this was about. This was about too many people - especially voting coaches - getting squeamish about a rematch, figuring the Wolverines already had their shot at the Buckeyes. I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous rationale for installing Florida, and if there's a major injustice here, that's it." -- Bob Wojnowski, Detroit News

"Did Michigan get jobbed? Sure it did. There is no way, in a logical world, that a big-time, second-ranked team, whose only loss is by three points to the top-ranked team, should fall behind anyone with at least one defeat in a poll. Anyone. Southern Cal. Florida. Anyone." --
Mitch Albom, Detroit Free-Press

Our two cents

72659890rm024_sec_football_ Does Michigan deserve to go to the BCS title game? Sure it does. It's just that Florida deserves it more. Fans of the Wolverines argue that their team had one loss and that loss was by a mere three points on the road to the No. 1 team in the country. It's a valid point. The problem is, Michigan fans have based their argument on that one game. Florida's case is based on the entire season.

Add it up any way you want: record against teams ranked in the Top 25; record against teams which are bowl-eligible; where the teams finished in their conference. However you add it up, Florida comes out on top. Bitter Michigan fans are blaming all this on voters who didn't want to see a rematch. And, they claim, it's a travesty that Michigan was jumped in the polls when it didn't even play. Maybe the real wrong was that Michigan was ahead of Florida in the first place. You can go back and forth, around and around, but here's what closes the case:

You have two teams each with one loss, so which team traveled the toughest road? The answer is Florida, which played the toughest schedule in the country. Knowing that, how can anyone argue the Gators aren't the most deserving team in the country to play Ohio State?

-- Tom Jones, Times staff writer

Thumbs up: To Boise State coach Chris Petersen, who did the right thing and voted his team eighth in the college football poll even though it is undefeated. He didn't overrate his team as Rutgers' Greg Schiano did in voting his Scarlet Knights 10th, higher than any other coach. Rutgers is 17th in the coaches poll.

Thumbs down: Sunday's BCS Selection Show on Fox. For a dramatic announcement, there was hardly any drama at all. Fox tried for the slow buildup, but it waited so long that when the announcement came that Florida had been picked, it was anti-climactic. It didn't help that analyst Barry Alvarez seemed almost bored to be there.

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