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Will Muschamp says Nick Saban might have trouble using the Internet



Alabama coach Nick Saban's threat to start spreading misinformation over the Internet may have one major problem, Florida coach Will Muschamp said. Saban apparently isn't very Internet savvy.

On Friday, Saban expressed his displeasure about continued misinformation on the web, apparently upset about rumors of injuries to Tide players.

“You all can go crazy out on misinformation and bad information,” Saban told reporters. “And have no professionalism to try to find out if it did or didn’t happen. Just to create some you know what. Anything that you can. No documentation or verification, no professionalism to find out if it really happened. And God bless, there’s a few guys in (the media room) that really have professionalism and never print anything unless they know what’s up. They always try to check and I really do appreciate it.”

Saban added that he might start spreading false information on the Internet.

"I'm gonna start messing with you," he said. "I don't know how to do that, but I'm gonna start doing it. Everyday I'm going to post something that's just total B.S."

When asked about his former boss and mentor on Saturday, Muschamp said he hadn't seen video footage of Saban's rant, but was aware of it. Then he joked that it might not be as easy for Saban to spread false information as it sounds.

"I know that if he wants to put something on a message board, somebody will have to turn the computer on for him, show him how to use the mouse, and probably keyboard it for him,'' Muschamp said. "He's not very advanced as far as technology is concerned.''


[Last modified: Sunday, August 7, 2011 1:27am]


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