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Are you planning to rally in Tally?



With the Florida Board of Education's vote on school grades and cut scores in the rear view mirror, teachers across the state are preparing to board buses for the long ride to Tallahassee next week to rally for education reforms.

Organized by the Florida Education Association -- the state's largest teacher bargaining unit -- the group has adopted the phrase "Enough is enough" as it aims to urge lawmakers to better support public education.

The message comes amid concerns that the state isn't putting as much money into public schools as it could, a position many lawmakers and the Governor's Office have challenged. Here's the FEA's take:

"Policy makers and education reforms are cheating our children out of a high-quality education. These reforms are designed to meet the needs of adults rather than the needs of our children, and they include high-stakes testing, demonizing of teachers, voucher school and charter school profiteering disguised as ‘choice' and schemes to undermine Florida's class size amendment."

The event takes place Jan. 14. Are you going? Will lawmakers be listening?

[Last modified: Friday, January 8, 2016 2:45pm]


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