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Ammons: Strengthen ethical standards



Ammons FAMU President James Ammons offered a strong State of the University address Friday, announcing "10 keys to sustainability and accountability" and proclaiming that the embattled university is at the "doorstep of a new era of excellence and accountability."

But media coverage, which focused on the president's calls for better fiscal stewardship, overlooked other strong points made by Ammons, including No. 3 on his list: "Refine and strengthen personal and professional ethical standards governing the behavior of students, faculty and staff." As examples, the president pointed to a couple of hypotheticals: A FAMU student who's overpaid on a financial aid check, and an employee who takes office equipment home and doesn't return it. "Integrity starts at the top, and filters down," Ammons said. "As I am accountable, so too will you be accountable."

Media coverage also overlooked what Ammons perhaps overlooked, including a troubling list of questionable hires that seems to have spanned FAMU administrations (see story here) and student complaints about a lack of administrative response to their concerns (see story here). To read Ammons' address in its entirety, click here.

- Ron Matus, state education reporter

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:22am]


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