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Another plug for more parenting education



In the latest "American Educator" (published by the American Federation of Teachers), researcher Thomas G. Sticht makes a case for more parenting education, more specifically for more early parenthood education. His two-by-four of a lead gets right to the reason why:

"One hundred fifty-three thousand words per week. That's the difference between the 215,000 words per week that the average child in a privileged home hears and the 62,000 words per week that the average child in a family on welfare hears. I'll explain the research behind these numbers later; for now, just consider how staggering the difference is. And consider the implications. Hearing language is the first step in learning to read and write and make sense of the world."

Sticht's essay offers a few examples of programs that seem to be making a positive difference (though it wasn't clear what exactly they're doing or how much of a difference they made.) Does anybody out there know what kind of parenting education programs are offered around Tampa Bay (besides this one)? Anything like the ones touted in the essay?

More importantly, do they work? And, if they do, why aren't we seeing more of them?

[Last modified: Friday, October 7, 2011 12:18pm]


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