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Be kind to your teacher

Tb_teachers_450x300 It's the PTA's annual Teacher Appreciation Week. And the National Education Association has chosen today as National Teacher Day.

Some groups are putting together a giant thank-you card for teachers. Web sites like this one abound with all sorts of ideas of how to appreciate your teachers. There's even a "thank a teacher" group on Facebook (you have to join to participate).

But we like the simple suggestions from National Board-certified Lee County teacher Kathryn McKinnon, as published in today's Fort Myers News-Press. Here's a sample (see the News-Press story for the full list):

  • For at least one day, all of my 150 students will address me by my correct name, "Mrs. McKinnon." Not Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Lackey or any of the other various teacher names I am referred to as on a daily basis.
  • No one will chew bright green or blue gum and try to act like it's not there when they're instructed to put it in the trash. (Hint: it's hard to miss the neon gum, guys. Even when you think it's hidden, it sort of stands out ... a lot).
  • My students will realize that being a teacher doesn't mean you know everything. And while I love the many discussions we have as a class, let's face it, if I did know everything I'd be busy curing diseases and solving miscellaneous global crises.

Have any other suggestions for how to appreciate a teacher? We'd love to hear them.

(Times photo, 2007)

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