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Be kind to your teacher: Part 2

Earlier this week, the Gradebook tipped its hat to National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week, and in so doing we asked for your thoughts on how to appreciate teachers. Thanks for the response (mostly - not the bashing). Now let us share some of your comments.

"Be a school volunteer.  Let the teacher teach the children and you help behind the scene. ... It is fun." - Retired

"Stop bashing us on all the blogs. Some have called us parasites, drunks, and perverts... 95 percent of us are good people, like any other profession." - Teacher

"HS need more love and support, like many elementary teachers have." - HS Teacher

It was especially nice to see parents and students praise their teachers. Read on for a couple of examples.

"Thank you teachers for helping to make my children productive members of society. My son graduated last year from a North County HS with 6 AP classes under his belt, went to FSU and did well this first year 3.5 average. He couldn't have done it without you!!!!! My little one a second grader has a ways to go. My big fear is with all the budget cuts and the state of the economy that you will not be able to provide my little one with the same quality education that my older boy had." - JD

"Dear mrs.Ku, Middle school is no fun without you. Do you remember the little kid in your 1st and 2nd grade and who kept helping you till 5th grade was over. I miss you." - Zachary Allen Hall

"Dear Mrs.Kephart at McMullin Booth Elementary School, Middle school is going great for me, but I think it would go easier for me if you were here. You always handled situations against others when they picked on others, including me, but I work hard with my struggles in other subjects like math,reading,and writing including geography without others distracting me from working hard on my work." - Jeremy P.

You don't have to stop just because the week is ending. We'd love to hear what else you have to say.

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