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Bible in school?



Call it a rite of spring. Every time lawmakers get together, at least one of them has to propose something that would do little more than satisfy a pet peeve or a personal preference. It matters not whether the bill has even a remote chance of winning the day. Yet the idea is so provocative that it of course captures the headlines, often over much more substantive stuff.

Here in Florida, we've seen the bill to stop boys from "slabbing," that oh so lovely practice of wearing their pants below their butts. In Texas, there's now a bill to require all schools to teach the Bible. (Read the AP story here.)

Now, the courses would be electives. No one would have to take them. But the schools would have to offer classes on the Old and New Testaments. Of course, the bill has touched off a lively debate. So here's your turn to join in.

What do you think? Is the Bible part of history and worthy of a spot in the classroom curriculum? Or is it religion and belonging at home and church, rather than school?

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:15am]


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