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Bill would require teaching about 9/11



From a press release: Representatives Joseph Abruzzo (D-Wellington) and Lori Berman (D-Delray Beach) have teamed up with Senator Thad Altman (R-Melbourne) to sponsor legislation that aims to encourage public school educators in Florida to teach the significance of September 11, 2001. House Bill 1027 and its Senate counterpart would require that all Florida public school students be presented instruction about the events surrounding the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and the impact of those events on the nation.

“The best defense of our nation is through the education of our children. We must teach the history of 9/11 to avoid a recurrence of these tragic events.” – Representative Abruzzo
"Recognizing the important historical impact 9/11 had on our nation, it is vital that our students be taught about the events that transpired on that infamous day. Just as previous generations ensure that students understood the tragic events of Pearl Harbor, it is our responsibility to assure that the actions and ramifications of September 11, 2001 will not be forgotten." -- Representative Berman
"September 11, 2001 was the single deadliest terrorist attack on Americans, on American soil, in the history of our country.  It's important that our students have a keen understanding of the historical context of this event." - Senator Thad Altman
“I believe the legislation in Florida mandating education about 9/11 in schools is a turning point in the conscience of our country.  Over the past 10 years educators have hesitated to discuss the attacks of 9/11 with students because they were uncertain about approaching such recent history.  The problem with that is that generations of young people are growing up without the knowledge they need to understand the world we live in now.  I congratulate the legislators of Florida for having the courage to introduce this legislation.  I believe that by creating informed citizens in our upcoming generations of young people, we will be strengthening our democratic process.  Only through knowledge can we hope to make decisions that move us towards a more peaceful world.” - Lee Ielpi, President, September 11th Families’ Association.

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