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Calling all "offensive Christians"



Before you start sending hate e-mails, read on.

Amid the many blogs out there weighing in on Florida's heated debate over teaching evolution in schools, there's a new one called Offensive Christians that's caught our eye. Its author, who posts as "OC," writes that Christians need to go on the offense in the war of ideas: "We must not stand idly by only preparing to defend against the latest attack. We must seek positions to attack humanism, atheism, radical Islam, and 'arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ.'"

And OC has put out the all-call to Florida's offensive Christians, asking them to stand up for the "academic freedom" bill that Sen. Ronda Storms and Rep. D. Alan Hays have filed in the Legislature. It takes particular aim at the Florida Citizens for Science, which has led an active campaign to add evolution as a key standard (something many scientists across the country also advocated).

Florida Citizens for Science (as if Creationists like Newton, Pastuer [sic], Kelvin, Boyle, Kepler, Pascal, and Babbage were anti-science) is mobilizing the humanists to defeat this bill. You've got to get out there and counter their initiative if you want to be able to even discuss any scientific concerns anyone has with macroevolution. Florida Citizens for Science has a link tracking the bill and tips for contacting legislators. Wouldn't it be ironic if we used their link to track and ensure the passage of this bill? I think it would also be wise to read their background and talking points so we can make effective counter-points.

Florida Citizens for Science has, of course, already responded.

Funny. Many of our members are Christians. For example, our president is a deacon in his church and in the church choir. One of our board members is president of Pacesetters Bible School, Inc. Groups like Offensive Christians really need to get the message that our side of the fight is focused on science education. ... It's not about fighting for or against any religion. Unfortunately, many of those on the other side of the fight are focused on religion to a fault.

Don't want to take sides in this one. We'll just sit back, as reporters do, and watch the fireworks (and tell you about them). Probably tomorrow, when Hays shows Ben Stein's documentary "Expelled" to his colleagues in Tallahassee. Ben Stein is even supposed to be there.

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