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Cathi Martin returns to Pasco School Board



IMG_5542 After missing more than a month of meetings, resigning and unresigning, Pasco School Board member Cathi Martin came back to the boardroom today.

"I missed it," Martin said, shortly after arriving for a 2 p.m. workshop. "I walked in through the door, and it felt natural. I'm really glad to be here."

She said her doctor readjusted her medications, which she had been taking to deal with knee and head injuries, and cleared her return.

Martin still faces the possibility of removal by Gov. Charlie Crist, who has been asked by three Pasco lawmakers to oust her for a pattern of absences dating back to 2006. She said a staffer from the Governor's Office told her during a recent phone call that her status is a "high priority" for Crist, and that his legal staff was looking into it.

"They wanted to know exactly what was wrong with me," she said. "When they see the letter, they'll know."

Martin sent a letter to Crist, dated April 16, stating she can complete her term. Read on for the full text.

Honorable Governor Crist:

As per my conversation with Jerry Currington from the Governor's legal department in Tallahassee. It was suggested that I contact you personally, regarding my resignation which has led to my resending that issue. I have been very loyal and committed to my position on the Pasco County School Board. I am in my 3rd term and my passion for my job is still there.

Unfortunately, my health problems and other personal issues have caused me and my family to go through some very rough times. Yes, I have missed meetings, but that was due to surgeries with complications. I had suggested to our district and school board members to try and come up with some type of telecommunications so I could be kept abreast of what was going on in our district, but only to be turned down. I still believe something could have been arranged. I will work for this during my remaining term.

Some of my health issues are attached on the final page of this letter.

After consulting with my family and friends, I believe I can successfully complete my term and am able to fulfill my duties as an effected School Board member.

Respectfully, Cathi Martin, District 3, Pasco County School Board


  • Lower back surgery with 2 rods and 2 screws w/complications
  • Multiple arthroscopies left shoulder and right knee, and left knee
  • Right knee replacement with complications, second surgery was needed
  • Traffic accident on the way to a board meeting, had seizures 1 week later
  • Hemorrhoid surgery, with complications, second surgery 1 week later due to massive blood loss
  • Double compound fracture of both leg bones to ankle with complications, second surgery required one week later due to fall due to right knee dislocation
  • Compound fracture of left ankle, complications of second surgery week later, bed rest for 6 weeks
  • Knee dislocated again, broke four toes on left foot
  • Several more falls due to dislocated knee, resulting in head injuries, requiring hospitalization, possible subdural hematoma concussion
  • Throughout all this, there were multiple medications that conflicted with each other. Then finally the right dosages were found and administered.


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