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Chancellor's ideas for Bright Futures revamp



Ring Sen. Jeremy Ring (left) already proposed a change to Bright Futures that would give larger scholarships to students majoring in "economic development" fields like science, technology, engineering, health and education.

Now Chancellor Mark Rosenberg is outlining suggested changes in a report to be delivered to the Board of Governors next week. He wants to cap the program at $400-million, using $100-million for need-based aid and $100-million for incentives like Sen. Ring proposes. The rest would go to merit scholarships under the current rules.

Of course, with Senate President and Bright Futures defender Ken Pruitt still in charge, this isn't likely to be the year of a Bright Futures overhaul... But some are trying anyway.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:34am]


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