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Cheerleader uniforms: Too revealing for school?



2011-01-24-16-32-08-3-kirsten-dundst-in-bring-it-on.jpegAdmit it. Like us, you've wondered for years how high school cheerleaders could get away with wearing their sleeveless tops, sometimes with midriffs exposed, and their micro skirts while walking through the school hallways.

Immediate teen boy distraction, right?

Well, after years of hearing people — even high school students themselves — express bewilderment at the double standard that let cheerleaders get away with it while the rest of the girls would get sent home to put on something less revealing, we're seeing some schools do something about it.

They're telling the cheerleaders to cover up.

Just last week we read stories from Lake County and Flagler County, where officials have decided that school dress code trumps school spirit, at least during the school day. Ogling can take place at after-hours games only.

At least one mom raised the question that immediately came to mind for us, too: "They're now banning it like it's something inappropriate or pornographic," Mount Dora High cheer mom Lisa Milligan told the Orlando Sentinel. "If you're going to allow them to wear them to the game, then why not allow them to wear them to school?"

Your thoughts?

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