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Do we really want our schools to be like China's?



chinese_class.jpgGiven that international comparisons are a fairly hot topic on The Gradebook, we thought this piece about Chinese schools was timely:

Writes New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof: For a socialist system that hesitates to fire people, China has also been surprisingly adept — more so than America — at dealing with ineffective teachers. Chinese principals can’t easily dismiss teachers, but they can get extra training for less effective teachers, or if that doesn’t work, push them into other jobs.

But Kristof also writes: But this is the paradox: Chinese themselves are far less impressed by their school system. Almost every time I try to interview a Chinese about the system here, I hear grousing rather than praise. Many Chinese complain scathingly that their system kills independent thought and creativity, and they envy the American system for nurturing self-reliance — and for trying to make learning exciting and not just a chore.

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