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Dockery: USF Poly split decision is "mired in politics"



 Sen. Paula Dockery, an ardent critic of the plan to make USF Polytechnic the state's 12th university, sent a letter today to the Board of Governors calling the debate one that is "mired in politics." The letter (attached below) will be read aloud at today's board meeting, where within the next hour or so state university system leaders will decide whether to split USF Poly off.

"The Board of Governors was designed so that politics could be removed from educational policy, and so the BOG's members would not be treated punitively for votes or decisions," Dockery writes. "Please make your decision based only on merit, and not on political considerations, threats, intimidations and gamesmanship. Also consider the wide variety of stakeholders who have almost no political power, but have, for numerous reasons, voiced opposition to moving forward at this time: students, faculty, alumni and members of the community. The decision you make will significantly affect their daily lives and their educational hopes and dreams."

Meanwhile, J.D. Alexander, the powerful state senate budget chairman who has been pushing hardest for the split, is standing at the back of the Board of Governors room, looking on.

The debate is expected to begin shortly.

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