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Does Florida care about science education?

Nal_science041509a_64277c After looking at the latest dismal FCAT science scores, Brandon Haught of Florida Citizens for Science isn't totally sure.

In a piece for the Gainesville Sun, Haught notes that the state has good intentions, with strong new standards and many excellent teachers.

But it also saddles the FCAT science test with many weights, such as not having it count for anything for students.

"This leaves schools scrambling to find ways to motivate students to take the test seriously and to even show up in the first place," Haught writes. "Many schools resort to blatant bribery just to get butts into seats on test day." He continues:

"Our state’s leaders have been working hard to grow the bio-tech industry here, but Florida’s future workforce needs a sound basic science education to compete for these jobs. However, Florida’s budget woes will strangle the life out of the very future so many people are pinning their hopes on. We must pressure our political leaders from the local level all the way up to Tallahassee to find ways to properly fund science education, including recruiting and retaining qualified science teachers and giving them needed training and support."

Easy to say, right? But anyone have any thoughts about how to do this?

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:25am]


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