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'Dumbing down the house'



Burning_down_70x53 Normally we don't do this, call out a specific Gradebook comment from the pack we receive each week. But this one, filed quietly on a Saturday under the daily news report, just cries out for your attention. Can't say who wrote it. The name of the commenter is listed only as "David Byrne Talking Heads," and that links to Suzie Creamcheese's Hillsborough schools-related The Wall blog.

So start humming the Talking Heads song Burning Down the House and enjoy this parody, Dumbing Down the House. (PS: If you know who wrote this, let us know, so we can give proper credit.)

Time out,
you could be found out later
Cool stoolies
Board that has no borders
It’s no or-din-ar-y try
Dumbing down the House

Hang loose
Wait 'till the tests are over
Hang loose
we got the Papers snookered
Its much ea-si-er to-day
Dumbing down the House

That’s the ticket spin the phrase time to get the stooge on board
temper dictates with fear
Close enough will get you by,
maybe you don’t have to try
Fix the data with data

Get set
They have no need to worry
Schemes simmer in broad daylight
One hun-dred eight-y days a year
Dumbing down the House

I will try it with straight face award a bonus to myself
never show any grace
Board will rubber stamp my work, public what did you expect
potted plant, smiling face

Dumbing Down The HOUSE!

My class
Is less than ordinary
That’s right
Don’t want to flunk nobody
Some things sure can in-sure your defeat
Dumbing down the House

No visible means of support
and we have seen no data yet
Every thing's smoke and mirrors
You don’t know what to expect
not sure what you are gonna get
Fight your fires with liars

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