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Everybody's responsibility



Rudy_crew9805 How many times have you heard the proverb "It takes a village to raise a child"?

Lots, right?

Well, apparently the message still needs to get through. So Miami-Dade mayor Manny Diaz and superintendent Rudy Crew (shown here) brought it to the U.S. Conference of Mayors this weekend during a panel on improving graduation rates. (See the Miami Herald report here.)

That's right. They were telling civic leaders about the role they can play in helping kids succeed in school. Education - it's not just or schools.

''We can't get at these children - we can't get at their communities, we can't get at the derivative of their pain -- if we don't link our arms and create a much different architecture than we currently have,'' Crew said.

This should come as no surprise (see proverb above). Many community leaders, such as St. Petersburg mayor Rick Baker, do their part to help. But it's not hard to see that grad rates are low, and sometimes the kids need something social rather than academic to help them succeed. That's where the "village" can step in.

A side note: A couple dozen teachers protested outside Crew's speech over his plan to freeze salaries as part of the district's budget balancing effort, the Herald reports.

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