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Former Pasco school investigator wonders why he didn't get rehired



After months of readvertising, the Pasco school district hired an internal candidate - staff development supervisor Kathy Scalise - to join the employee relations department that investigates allegations of employee wrongdoing. The appointment prompted one person who once held the job to inquire why he had been passed over.

Bryan Jack, once known as the "hatchet man" in district circles, sent an e-mail to superintendent Kurt Browning expressing his confusion and disappointment at not being considered.

"I was employed with the District as the Employee Relations Supervisor for approximately six years. During that time, I received positive performance appraisals.  In applying for the Employee Relations Supervisor position, I submitted 13 letters of recommendation from District Directors and Principals from high schools, middle schools and elementary schools with overall ratings of 5's and 4's. The other consideration is that I have established relationships throughout the District.  With my re-employment, there would be no orientation or training required.  As Renalia was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times, the District was seeking a candidate that would 'hit the floor running.' Based on my experience, I would 'hit the floor running.'"

Jack, of course, did not mention that he resigned in 2011 to avoid being fired. He found himself in hot water over his arrest on allegations of domestic battery and assault against his wife. Heather Fiorentino, superintendent at the time, said that his arrest compromised his ability to do the job: "(A)s a supervisor in the Employee Relations department, you are charged with enforcing the district's policies and procedures, as well as ensuring employee compliance with state and federal law. To properly execute these duties, it is essential that you adhere to these policies, procedures, laws and regulations."

Jack asked Browning to consider hiring him for any job that he might be qualified to do. Browning did not respond.

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