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Great chocolate milk debate rages on

Chocolatemilk A rush of small hands reached into the cafeteria cooler.

Brown carton. Brown carton. Brown carton. Pink carton.

On this day, 523 children filed through the lunch line at Pinellas Central Elementary in Pinellas Park and grabbed their milk carton of choice.

Sixty-five percent, or 343, picked brown: chocolate.

"I love chocolate!" exclaimed Mia McCue, 10, hugging her 8-ounce drink to her chest.

Another 107 chose pink: strawberry.

Left in the dust with only 51 drinkers (some took no milk) was the lonely blue carton, 1 percent plain white milk. With 12 grams of sugar, it is the only choice with less than half of the daily recommended allowance of sugar.

What kids decide here 180 days a year is the focus of a raging debate over childhood obesity, nutritional content and choice. Read more here.

[Last modified: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 10:07am]


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