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Grego reviewing printing contract



Superintendent Mike Grego told board members today that he's reviewing a $2 million contract for centralized printing services. The new arrangement, implemented under former superintendent John Stewart, has been a sticking point with a lot of teachers - many of whom found it interrupted their work flow in the classroom. (What if a worksheet rips in the middle of a lesson?) 

Some teachers also complained that the policy was demeaning to teachers, and problems have been reported in some schools well past the start of the new school year. (See our story from when the policy was implemented here.)

Grego told the board that he thought the policy was enacted with good intentions. But he said "we have to guard the convenience of our teachers" and consider whether it was worth saving a few dollars if it was costing teachers their time. 

"Teachers have to have the means of doing their jobs," he said. 

He also said no teacher should be forced to pay for printer toner or paper. (Something a lot of teachers have been doing.)

What do you think? Was the policy a bad idea? Teachers, how much is this affecting you?


[Last modified: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 5:46pm]


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