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Hillsborough Payday



Is a small paycheck better than none? Hillsborough school officials think teachers would say so.

The Gradebook has fielded a few questions as to why Hillsborough teachers are getting a paycheck this week for one, lone workday. Deputy Superintendent Dan Valdez, who oversees human resources for the district, explained that it's a function of the calendar around the start of school. This year, it happens that teachers had one workday within the two-week pay period.

"This is not the first year that they get a one-day or two-day check when they get back," Valdez said.

Valdez said there was brief consideration of waiting to pay the teachers for the standalone day in their next pay cycle. But school officials wanted to be consistent with pay practices. Plus, they felt teachers had been too long without pay.

"Teachers went a long summer without anything, and we thought one day would be better than no days," Valdez said.

UPDATE: What is the cost to printing a one-day paycheck?

We asked Gretchen Saunders, Hillsborough's chief business officer. "Luckily, there's no cost," she said, cheering. "Yea!!!"

Hillsborough already was doing a payroll run for year-round employees, so they didn't have to do anything special to pay teachers, too. Since 90 percent of employees do direct deposit, Saunders said there wasn't much paper expended. In fact, she noted that it would have been more costly to reprogram software systems to pay teachers for an 11-day work week, instead of the standard cycle.

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