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How are those new evaluations working, Pasco teachers?



Pasco teacher contract negotiations have stalled this year over disagreements with the district's new Marzano-based evaluation system, which it began to implement while still working out the details.

With talks set to resume soon, United School Employee of Pasco leaders seek input from those teachers who have already had an observation as to just how well or poorly the new system is being used. In a survey being sent out today (see sample attached below), the USEP asks questions that make clear it has heard rumblings that all might not be well.

One prime example: "Have any administrators at your school indicated that they will be initially rating employees at lower levels vs. rating employees at higher levels to be able to show growth at the next cycle?" (We at the Gradebook have heard that many teachers have been warned they'll be getting a needs improvement to start, and that highly effective ratings will be few and far between.)

The USEP also wants to know if teachers have seen "inter-rater reliability" -- that's jargon for having consistent evaluation results regardless of evaluator -- and if they have received adequate information about the model and its elements from the district.

District officials have said they are trying to be fair and consistent (they've trained all administrators over several days), and to provide as much information as possible to all teachers. They also have acknowledged that the rapid implementation of a system that the state essentially has dictated has not been easy.

Will this issue doom contract ratification? Time will tell. 

[Last modified: Friday, January 20, 2012 1:45pm]


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