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'How Billionaires Rule Our Schools'



rain_money.jpgThis lengthy article from the latest Dissent magazine doesn't specifically mention the Gates Foundation initiative in Hillsborough County. But it touches on just about every other school-related project that Gates is working on, including its role in Race to the Top. (It helped fund Florida's RTTT application.)

Here's the lead: The cost of K–12 public schooling in the United States comes to well over $500 billion per year. So, how much influence could anyone in the private sector exert by controlling just a few billion dollars of that immense sum? Decisive influence, it turns out. A few billion dollars in private foundation money, strategically invested every year for a decade, has sufficed to define the national debate on education; sustain a crusade for a set of mostly ill-conceived reforms; and determine public policy at the local, state, and national levels.

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