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The ink flows for Obama, schools and socialism



It's a hit! Florida Republican Party Chair Jim Greer is getting national press for his statement about President Obama using next week's back-to-school address to become the Pied Piper of Socialism. Here's a roundup of some of the write-ups and reaction:

* From the Huffington Post: "Tune in next week to see if Barack Obama pulls off this audacious plan to turn America into a Communist nation by means of a single, generic address to a nation of jittery, Ritalin-sotted schoolchildren."

* From CNN: "It's NOT the Obamanation speaking to the kids that's the problem! It's the SUGGESTIONS on HOW TO GET HIS AGENDA FORWARD," wrote one of gobs who commented. "Let him speak all day long, maybe the teleprompter will say something productive, and maybe even important. However, don't make our kids parrot back how wonderful the Socialist agenda is."

* From MSNBC: "What an ass," writes "Joi G" from Florida. "A simple speech to children about the importance of education and this clown turns it into something politcal."

* From ABC's Jake Tapper: "In an acknowledgment that the Department of Education provided lesson plans written somewhat inartfully, surrounding the President Obama’s speech to students next Tuesday, the White House today announced that it had rewritten one of the sections in question."

* From Talking Points Memo: "I also asked (Florida Republican Party press secretary Katie) Gordon about an Internet campaign that has risen up, encouraging students to skip school on Tuesday. Does she support students skipping school, or walking out of the address or the activities? Gordon replied: 'That decision is up to the parents, not the RPOF.' "

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