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Jeb Bush rags on 'seat time'



Jeb in esquire From his recent Q&A with Tucker Carlson in Esquire:

“Are we educating our kids properly? Are enough of our children gaining the power of knowledge in the current system? The answer is unequivocally no. So we should have more school choice, we should have more pay for performance, we should be raising standards, not lowering standards, we should embrace technology in a radical way, we should have 'seat time' eliminated.”

[Timidly.] Seat time?

“You show up for 180 days, you graduate. It should be based on what you learned ... People learn differently. It's a simple fact that our education system ignores. We're living in a world now where in order to create high-wage jobs, you have to have knowledge-based workers. There is no way to do that unless they have the basic building blocks of being able to think abstractly, understand math and science, be able to read, maybe once in a while express a thought in a three-syllable word, preferably do so in more than one language, and have a sense of history, because it has this crazy way of repeating itself. I don't think our education system in America is acceptable right now.”
(Photo from Esquire.)


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