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Jeb on education savings accounts: More choice = better schools



It's no surprise Jeb Bush would dig Florida Gov. Rick Scott's voucher-like idea for "education savings accounts" - it was pitched by longtime Bush aide Patricia Levesque - but for the record here is what the former governor recently told Education Week:

"It's an intriguing idea," Bush said, "and it would be a good idea. Our experience is that more choices for families engages them more in their children's education. And the net effect in Florida, at least, has been that the public schools have gotten better. An idea like that has great merit...I've been busy on other things, so I haven't followed the specifics of that proposal, but sure, a lot of these ideas ought to be considered. Depending on where the governor, and the state school officer, and the legislature are in terms of their interest on this, I have no problems being big and bold, in terms of education policy."

On a related note, National Review writer Reihan Salam calls Scott's idea "the most significant, transformative ideas I’ve ever seen advanced by an actual elected official with any real power." Read his post here.


[Last modified: Thursday, January 13, 2011 10:09am]


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