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4382Lawmakers pushing for teachers to have the "academic freedom" to explore all aspects of the theory of evolution continually say that they're not trying to open the door to teaching creationism or Intelligent Design in public schools.

State Rep. Marty Kiar (left), D-Davie, wants to hold them to their word. Kiar has proposed an amendment to the House version of the bill, which could come up for debate in the House on Friday. It add this to the legislation:

The provisions of this section shall not permit any member of the instructional staff of a public school to teach or promote any religious doctrine, teach or promote discrimination for or against a particular set of religious beliefs, or teach or promote discrimination for or against religion or nonreligion.

Regardless of whether this proposal passes, the whole issue looks to be in jeopardy as the House version differs greatly from the Senate bill, which already has won approval. The Senate refused an amendment to make its bill in line with the one in the House, and as Sen. Stephen Wise told the Herald-Tribune, House sponsor Rep. Alan Hays "must be hitting the sauce if he thinks he's going to send the bill back here."

UPDATE: Kiar withdrew his amendment about an hour after this post went up. He still has two other amendments filed for the bill.

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