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Latest update on Pinellas health insurance changes



After battling with the unions over a proposed health insurance plan, the Pinellas County School District is bringing a new plan before the school board for approval Tuesday. Keep in mind that the latest proposal hasn't been bargained with the unions.

The new proposal includes three options for employees instead of one. It also would save the school district a substantial amount of money - the projected premium for 2013 would be $109.7 million, which is about $17 million less than if the district renewed its existing plan. It puts the school district back to about 2009 cost levels.  

The three options include HMO, NPOS and CDHP. (Please don't make me spell out those acronyms.) The HMO and the NPOS don't have deductibles, while the CDHP has a $1,500 individual deductible and a $3,000 family deductible. The district's first proposal included a dramatic increase in out-of-pocket fees for employees, including a deductible.

This gives employees a little more choice about whether they want to go with lower premiums and a deductible or larger premiums and no deductible. A lot of that, of course, depends on the needs of the employee and their family. A single person in good health might opt to save money from their payroll deduction. Someone with a lot of health issues or an expected surgery might want to pay more upfront and get better coverage.

See more about the options on Tuesday's agenda, page 177. A link on the agenda item, with more information, doesn't appear to be working. We'll post that, should the district fix the page.

[Last modified: Friday, July 20, 2012 4:38pm]


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