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Making the grades: A means A, darn it (and F means F)



Report_card_1 Here's a memo the Florida Department of Education shouldn't have had to send out:

"In the past few months, several instances have been brought to our attention that schools or districts are utilizing a grading scale at the middle school, high school or district level that does not comply with the grading scales specified in Florida Statute."

It seems a number of schools have been ignoring the part of our well-established law that says you get an F for a score of 0 to 59. Perhaps it has something to do with the philosophy in some places that the range for an F is too large to overcome.

Just for clarity, the scale looks like this:

  • Grade A equals 90 to 100 percent
  • Grade B equals 80 to 89 percent
  • Grade C equals 70 to 79 percent
  • Grade D equals 60 to 69 percent
  • Grade F equals zero to 59 percent
  • Grade I equals zero percent

Got it?


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:18am]


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