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Maybe universal vouchers wouldn't spell doom?



doom.jpgAnother take on universal vouchers, this one from no-holds-barred, pro-voucher Matthew Ladner of the Goldwater Institute: He wrote this blog post in response to dueling op-eds, from Patricia Levesque and Betty Castor, that ran in Sunday's St. Petersburg Times. Here's a taste:

Florida has been offering children with disabilities all of their state money in the form of a voucher since 1999. Last year, 5% of children with disabilities utilized the program. That’s right- only 5% after a decade.

What do we know about the program? Participating parents love it and scores for children with disabilities are way up in Florida in part because of competition from the program. Oh, and it helps curb mislabelling of children into special education.

Ummmm…..where is the apocalypse? The mad rush for the exits? The terrible harm to schools and students?

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