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Musical chairs



Most of them would probably rather be preparing for Thanksgiving. The Pasco School Board even had canceled today's meeting, figuring no one would be fully focused with the holiday just around the corner.

But the state has mandated Nov. 20 as the date when all 67 school boards in Florida must reorganize and set their salaries for the coming year. So the sessions are back on. Will there be drama? Or will it be a humdrum affair?

Jennifer Hillsborough probably has the biggest potential for a newsy afternoon. Ordinarily, vice chair Jennifer Faliero (left) would be in line for the chairmanship. But she's been controversial of late, as has the entire board, which has thrown bombs at one another and acted much less as a team than in past years. Whether the board will stick with tradition remains to be seen.

Pinellas could offer some sparks, too. Veteran member vice chair Janet Clark is in line to lead the board, but newcomer Peggy O'Shea is said to want the seat. Clark hasn't always gone along with the board majority. Will she take the reins?

Kstarkey Pasco and Hernando appear more likely to follow the tried but true. Pasco chairwoman Marge Whaley doesn't want to keep the chair in her final year on the board, and the rest of the board looks ready to hand over the meetings to vice chair Kathryn Starkey (right), who is up for reelection next year. The Hernando board also seems likely to pass control to its vice chair, long-time board member Sandra Nicholson.

Handicap the odds, if you like. We'll let you know who emerges at the top as we find out.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:27am]


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