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New dress code rules for Lake schools: No extreme hair, disruptive makeup



anime-eyes-extreme-make-up.jpegWith the first day of school fast approaching, many Florida school districts are taking the time to clarify their student dress codes for the new year. 

Most are simply seeking to comply with new law banning saggy pants that show underwear.

Others are going a step farther.

Consider Lake County, where the School Board has also added this language:

"Extreme hairstyles, unnatural hair colors, or make-up that is disruptive or does not allow direct eye contact is prohibited."

We cannot find similar language in our local school districts' codes of conduct. They talk about cleanliness, not color, if they refer to hair at all. Makeup is only used in the context of homework and other assignments.

The Lake district explains briefly that the change is to "minimize disruptions to the educational environment."

Like what? Is Lake seeing an uptick in anime dress-up and Kiss fans? We've got other questions, too. Will teachers with unnatural hair colors, like gray coverups such as lavender and shoe-polish black, be held to the standard, too? What, exactly, is makeup that does not allow direct eye contact? And does hair color and makeup really affect the educational environment after the initial jabber over something unusual? Or is it just annoying to someone?

Specific examples would be welcomed.

[Last modified: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 9:54am]


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