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Not all opposed



Martinez The opponents to Florida's proposed science education standards, particularly the one about evolution as a key "big idea," have gained much attention lately. That has many members of the State Board of Education hedging their bets in their public comments.

But not board member Roberto Martinez, a Miami lawyer.

In today's Times story about the standards, Martinez unambiguously stood firmly in favor of the proposal.

"I respect the people who have beliefs in creationism and intelligent design, but I do not believe it should be included as part of the science standards," he told the Times. Those ideas can be addressed in other parts of the curriculum, such as social studies, he said.

He had more to say that didn't make print.

"I'm a very strong supporter of including evolution. And I think it's long overdue," Martinez said. "It is clearly supported, not just as a theory, but as a fundamental principle of biology. All one has to do is look at all the findings and research in the field of molecular biology, DNA and genetics to understand that evolution should be a part of our science curriculum."

Just didn't think that should get lost in the shuffle.

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