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Osceola High student apologizes for prank

Richard Restrepo, one of the students busted for last week's attempted prank at Osceola Fundamental High School, recently sent out this public apology:

My name is Richard Restrepo and I am one of the students who participated in the attempted senior prank at Osceola High School on May 25th, 2011 early in the morning. I'd like to begin by apologizing on behalf of the other 7 students as while as myself. I would like to apologize to our school administration, who have been through an extremely rough time the past couple of days because of something that we did. I would also like to apologize to the other 1400 students that are not seniors at Osceola, as seniors just one week away from graduation, we are supposed to the role models, the people that underclassmen look up to, and we were everything but good role models this past week. I would personally like to apologize to my mother, who has given the world and more for me, because I may have ruined one of the most anticipated days of her life, the day her son walks across the stage to receive his diploma and for her to take that picture she has waited 17 years to take.

I am extremely sorry to the bad reputation that has now struck Osceola. Osceola Fundamental High School is the best, most academically challenging school in this county and prides itself in its rigorous material that it holds for its students and prides itself even more in the students that overcome these challenges everyday. I speak for myself and on behalf of my fellow 7 classmates that were involved in this, we did not ever think that the consequences of our actions would be this severe and we would never have gone through with this plan if we would have known. We thought that we'd be fine because we didn't steal anything, vandalize school property or put anyone's life in danger. We thought it would be harmless and hopefully a good laugh for everyone, and this was certainly not the case. I would like to thank the officers that handled our situation in understanding this and for not putting us into major legal issues. At this point, we would give anything to be able to walk at our graduation. I once again cannot stress enough how sorry we are to the parents, students and administration at the school as well as the parents of students coming next year to the school. We hope that everyone understands that Osceola is still, and will continue to be the best high school to receive a diploma from in this county.

Thank you,

Richard Restrepo - Senior at Osceola Fundamental High School

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 12:32pm]


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