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Pastor announces bid for Pasco School Board



TracyJohn Tracy, president of the Faith and Family Values Republican Club of Pasco County, announced on his blog late Tuesday that he will seek to replace Kathryn Starkey on the Pasco School Board next year.

Starkey, who ran unopposed for her re-election bid in 2008, plans to resign to run for the Florida House of Representatives. Tracy, an associate pastor at Hillsdale Baptist Church in Carrollwood, has publicly jumped into the running for her seat. One other candidate, Billie Kaleel, also has filed to run in 2012.

He's already got a Web site explaining his reasons for seeking election. Here's one key passage from the site:

"I believe that there is a battleground raging in our schools for the hearts and minds of our children. As a school board member I intend to protect the innocence and morals of our kids. I plan to work hard to see that the education they receive is historically accurate, excellent in quality, applicable in subject matter, and delivered in an optimal learning environment. Parents must know that their kids will be safe physically, intellectually, and morally.

"Students of every race, religion, and economic background should be confident that they will be treated equally by their administrators, teachers, and peers. Anything we can do to remove prejudices of any type will aid in a child’s success. A public school should not be a political stage, nor should it be a place to perpetrate religious and social dogma. It needs to be neutral ground."

Could this be code for some fun philosophical debate at the board? We'll let you know as the race proceeds. Tracy already has tried to head off one likely flash point, that he and his wife don't even send their own child to public school:

"My wife and I maintain a very hectic pace, as I juggle the responsibilities and schedule of a musician, pastor, and politician. Consistent routine is a daily challenge in our present lifestyle. Home-school has given us the flexibility that our lives demand and has also made it possible for our oldest son to receive a quality education in spite of the varying events of a given day."

Stay tuned.


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