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Pinellas superintendent's improvement plan



In response to recent evaluations from School Board members, Pinellas superintendent Julie Janssen put together a two-page memo addressing areas where members felt she could improve. The plan is up for discussion at this morning's board workshop. Here it is in full:

In my evaluation of October, 2010, three areas were marked significantly lower than my last appraisal. As I work to continue to improve student achievement, I will continue to address the different needs of our students while working on the areas noted by board members in my evaluation.

Three areas of Improvement for the 2010-2011 school - year:
I. Communications and community relations;
o Involvement of all stakeholders to fully participate in the process of schooling
o I will establish a Decision Making Process which will clearly define the process in which impacted stakeholders will have a chance to participate and have input into the decision making.
o Establishment of effective school/community relations, school/ business partnerships and public service
o I will continue to strengthen and streamline the established positive relationships with many community groups
 Acknowledge the role of media in promoting the partnership
 Define boundaries for the relationship with the outside partners
 Continue building relationships with non-profit community stakeholders
II. Organizational Management;
o I have received the board’s recommendation on the establishment of a Decision Making Process. I am following this recommendation and I believe that following an established process will:
o Assure that all  impacted stakeholders have had a chance to provide feedback
o Provide that sufficient key data, and critical and relevant research has been gathered to support the decision
o Establish a more effective communication with the board and the media related to the status of exploring a new initiative
o Establish a more effective communication with the Office of the General Council for legal advice
III. Human resources management;
o The Board has provided me with valuable feedback and recommendations in this area. As the results of these recommendations, I have recently made changes in the division of the human resources top management. I believe the division needs to be evaluated for its efficiency and effectiveness. The results of two evaluations studies are being used to make improvements in these areas.
So far I have:
o Hired an experienced leader as the head of the division
o Hired a very motivated and strong leader for the Professional Development department

I am planning to have
o A very close working relationship with these individuals to provide them with ongoing oversight
o An amended organizational chart as needed
o A staffing model for the schools that address DA requirements, in January 2011
o An established plan for a review process and review cycle of the job descriptions and compensation by August 2011

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