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Pinellas teachers, employees reject huge pay cut -- for now



Kimblack2 To make ends meet, the Pinellas school district last week asked its teachers and other workers to take a 6.5 percent pay cut.

Not surprisingly, the employee unions didn't think twice. They rejected the proposal out of hand. Too early to act, they declare.

Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association president Kim Black had this to say in a Monday memo to members:

"As we have consistently said, pay cuts should only be considered as a last resort. Of all possible measures to reduce the budget, pay cuts would be the most hurtful to all our members, and the harm would last longer than the effects of any other type of cuts. Employees would lose money not only when the cuts are made, but also every year thereafter throughout their entire careers and, in the form of reduced pensions, for the rest of their lives."

To which one heavily degreed teacher, who generously sent the memo to the Gradebook and doesn't want to see her pay sink back below $40,000, says: "Thank God for our union!"


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:19am]


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