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Plenty of reasons for out-of-school suspensions in Pinellas schools



Last weekend, the St. Petersburg Times reported on discipline issues in Pinellas schools. As our investigation continues, we thought our Gradebook readers might be interested in some statistics about out-of-school suspensions at the district’s elementary, middle and high schools.

Keep in mind that the information we’re reporting here is for the total number of out-of-school suspensions, which is different from the number of individual students who received one or more suspensions.

Overall, there were 5,111 suspensions at high schools among the 32,675 students in grades 9-12 during the first semester of this academic year. The most frequent reasons:

Profane or obscene language, tied with defiance/insubordination, 18.6 percent each
Fighting, 11.2 percent
Class or campus disruption, 10.4 percent
Repeated misconduct, 10.2 percent

There were 3,051 suspensions among the 23, 240 children in grades 6-8. The most frequent reasons:
Fighting, 23 percent
Defiance/insubordination, 12.5 percent
Class and campus disruption, 11.1 percent
Profane/obscene language, 10.8 percent
Repeated misconduct, 8.6 percent

There were 944 out-of-school suspensions among the 44,955 kids enrolled in K-5. The most frequent reasons:
Fighting, 22.8 percent
Class and campus disruption, 14.8 percent
Battery on an adult, 14.8 percent
Battery on a student, 14.7 percent
Defiance/insubordination, 9.7 percent

Compared to the first semester of the prior school year, out-of-school suspensions increased by 29.3 percent, while student enrollment decreased by 1.7 percent.

Donna Winchester, Pinellas education reporter



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