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Policy revisions on tap for Pasco County schools



Since revamping its entire policy manual about two years ago, the Pasco School Board regularly has added updates, usually based upon law changes. Board members have had limited public conversations about the rules, and generally haven't changed the district's overall direction.

Still, the revisions give the board an opportunity to clarify matters that might have left room for interpretation in the past. On Tuesday, some of these up for consideration include:

  • Clarifying that staff members may participate in religious expression at school during lunch periods and non-instructional time, providing however that the school does not take any action to promote or establish religion. (Policy 8800)
  • Establishing that a public records request does not have to be made in writing, nor may the district require a requester to submit his name, address or phone number unless specifically set forth in law. (Policy 8310)
  • Creating a policy setting forth use and expectations of district e-mail. (Policy 7540.05)
  • Changing its health education policy to promote "evidence-based, medically-accurate comprehensive health education curriculum", replacing "human sexuality curriculum which shall be abstinence based," in accordance with statutory requirements. (Policy 2417)
  • Updating the fraternization policy to state that staff shall "refrain" (rather than being expected to) "from dating or" -- this next part is new -- "engaging in consensual sexual relationships with employees they supervise." (Policy 1130, 3130, 4130)

You can see the proposals in the district agenda here.

[Last modified: Thursday, August 30, 2012 3:54pm]


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