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For-profit college coverage: a war?



What to make of for-profit colleges?

On one hand, they answer the ever-present call for higher education access to anyone who wants it.  But they've also taken heat for using aggressive tactics to lure students into mountains of debt.  Earlier this year the government got involved, releasing a list of rules intended at helping make sure students who attend those proprietary institutions get bang for their buck by way of jobs.

But how has the media handled the for-profits' issues? Not so great, according to a study by the president of Colorado Technical University at Kansas City. The study examined 78 articles over two years, describing the mass of stories as parts of a "war" between the press and the institutions.

"In the language of this war, they desire to protect low-performing students from for-profit predators at any and all costs. But they lack perspectives on enabling students to make their own choices about where and whether to pursue college education," the study concludes of the media.

Read the full report here.

[Last modified: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 9:43am]


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