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Put Ten Commandments on walls of schools, says Pinellas School Board candidate



Me The Pinellas school district would improve student discipline and better turn around struggling schools if it posted the Ten Commandments on school walls, said School Board candidate Judith Bruinius.

It should also stop teaching evolution as fact instead of the "junk science" it is, she said.

“Let's bring the Ten Commandments back and put them on the walls of the schools. I think the children should learn the Ten Commandments,” Bruinius told the Gradebook. “It’s one of the basic things they can learn to have self-control and self-respect and respect for other people. I know you think I’m radical. But that’s what’s really sad, is that that’s radical. That the Ten Commandments are radical.”

Bruinius, 66, is running for the District 6 seat now held by Linda Lerner. She's a mother of five and a grandmother of seven. She lives in Seminole with her husband of 45 years. She is retired after 15 years as a dental hygienist and five years as a dental hygiene instructor at St. Petersburg College. She said the tea party movement enlisted her to run. (You can read more about her here.)

Among her main issues: “The rampant immorality among the teachers and the students.”

“We’ve got children raping other children. We’ve got children killing other children,” she said. “To me, the whole system has lost its moral compass, and this is why we’re having this much trouble.”

She said she is a creationist and objects to the teaching of evolution as more than a theory. "This is a way of indoctrinating our children into really a humanistic religion," she said.

She said she is concerned about the teachers union and its “NEA philosophy,” which she described as a “type of philosophy that doesn’t allow for any godliness whatsoever.” She said she is also worried about schools “pushing all the gay agenda," even to first-graders.

Asked for examples, Bruinius said, “I don’t know that this is happening here. I know it’s happening in some places.” She continued: “There are several books being placed in schools, and that’s one of the reasons I’m running. I don’t want those books placed in schools … that talk about these are different kinds of families, and you know, pushing this agenda that, ‘Oh, maybe we have two mommies or we have two daddies.’ “

Bruinius said she knows budget cuts are a big issue but didn't know enough specifics to say whether the district has been cutting in the right places.

“My philosophy is really, if you get down to the basics and teach truth and honesty and godliness, the money will follow,” she said. “It’s when we have so many things that aren’t necessary that are being pushed, that are being funded and pushed, that’s taking away from what the basics are.”

Asked for examples, Bruinius said, “I’m not really sure. I come from Illinois, and we had the same issues there. We had people handing out condoms in school, and people handing out literature on abortion issues. All kinds of things that should not be in the schools.”

She continued: “I’ve seen it degenerate over 50 years, and I’m just at the point where I say, ‘Somebody, please do something about it.' And people say, ‘Well, you do something about it.’ “

“I’m not saying I’m going to go in there and push my views on everybody. I just want to add my voice to what’s going on.”


[Last modified: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 10:08am]


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