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Read the Pinellas school climate survey comments for yourselves



Survey says III At the Gradebook’s request, the Pinellas School District gave us the comments portion of the latest school climate survey – all 413 pages. You can read most of them here. (Because of a couple of glitches, though, the comments for Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle, Tyrone Middle, Curtis Fundamental Elementary and Curlew Creek Elementary are here.)

The anonymous comments are listed by school, so you can quickly scroll down to the schools you’re interested in. Be forewarned: Some of the comments may leave you hankering for a Prozac. And there is some salty language on page 347 (we know because it got snagged by the Times’ filters.)

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll read:

From Sandy Lane Elementary: There are way too many issues with administration to mention. And what has this district done to us? We’ll surely have 100 percent free and reduced lunch next year due to the idiocy of the new school placement boundaries. Thanks a lot!!!

From Seminole Middle School: Our reputation as a top school seems to be diminishing from the viewpoint of teachers, students and the community. At times we feel unsafe, even in our own classrooms. If we express that fear, we are told to just “lock our doors” …

From Bay Point Middle: At this campus the students run the school. The teachers are cursed at daily with little or no consequences … I would love for someone to show up unannounced and just stand in the halls or courtyard and really see for themselves the type of behavior we are dealing with.

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Ron Matus, state education reporter


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