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Schools can drop 'pink slime' burgers, but will they?



pinkslime.jpgOur friends over on the Whoa, Momma! parenting blog are skeptical that anything will be done now that the Department of Agriculture has announced that schools can opt out of “pink slime” beef. In response to public outrage, the Agriculture Department said Thursday that schools can decide whether or not to include the ammonia-treated beef cuts in their lunches. "We'd love for our school lunches to have free-range chickens and organic vegetables," parenting blogger Sharon Kennedy Wynne asks, "but are we willing to pay for that?"

Meanwhile, AP's food editor J.M. Hirsch conducted a taste taste of a burger made of pink slime compared to pure 85% lean ground beef and concludes "It was not bad. But nor was it good. It was flat. I added more salt. No. It was simply one-dimensional. And then there was the texture. Unpleasantly chewy bits of what I can only describe as gristle, though they were not visible, seemed to stud the meat of the pink slime burger. The result was a mealy chew that, while not overtly unpleasant, didn’t leave me wanting another bite."

[Last modified: Friday, March 16, 2012 11:02am]


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