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Should Florida allow school bus ads to raise extra revenue



38160_school-bus-advertising.jpgWith school districts struggling financially, and talk of revenue continuing to shrink, Florida educators and lawmakers are looking for alternative ways to generate money.

One idea that's coming up again is advertising on school buses.

New Jersey's governor recently signed a bill letting districts sell space on the outside of buses. Florida lawmakers are proposing the same. (HB 109, HB 315)

At least one key interest group doesn't like the idea, though. The Florida Association for Pupil Transportation issued a position paper against school bus advertising earlier this month:

"The potential increase to motorist distraction, a known cause of motor vehicle accidents, presents a safety problem around school buses that cannot be ignored. Additionally, it may be difficult or impossible, and legally expensive, to control the types of advertising that could appear on school buses."

Districts in other states that have sold ads on buses have found that the income is just a small sliver in the entire budget, but officials have said every dollar helps. Other groups decry any effort to advertise to kids. What do you think?

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