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Sit. Speak. Good student.



BakerydogtreatMost Florida schools don't paddle kids anymore, and that is (at least to many people) a good step forward. Instead, they focus on rewarding students who act well.

It's called "positive behavior support," and it's all about reinforcing accepted actions while ignoring the negative ones.

The Bradenton Herald described how it works in a fairly upbeat story, in which educators praised the method:

MANATEE — With a small bundle of gray tokens in hand, Williams Elementary teacher Michele Danowski was ready to start a counting lesson with her first-grade class. "Who can tell me what day of the week this is?" she asked. A couple of hands shot in the air.

As students answered her questions, Danowski walked around the group, randomly handing out the slips to students. ... Those slips are important currency at Williams Elementary. They can be traded in for a lollipop, a shiny toy or lunch with the principal.

It was this sentence, though, that caught my attention most: "The premise is simple and not unlike training your pets — reinforcing good behavior through rewards or incentives." Not sure that students should be treated like pets. You?

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