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So which Pinellas jobs should be posted?



The Pinellas County School Board today unanimously approved Superintendent Julie Janssen’s recommendation to make Bill Lawrence the new associate superintendent for curriculum and instruction, but not until some members raised questions about why some jobs are posted and others aren't.

Asked by member Robin Wikle to defend the decision not to post in Lawrence's case, Janssen said this: “Part of the way of work that has been in this district is there are jobs above a certain level that the superintendent can appoint that do not have to be posted. And this is one of those. This is like right below Jim Madden, the deputy … “

“When Dr. Brown got the job, it wasn’t posted. When I got became deputy, it was not posted. I think that person works so closely with you. That’s not to say there aren’t capable people.”

“I have met with many, many, many principals in the last two and a half years. Each of them has given me their aspirational goals, and if there was a principal who said to me, that’s the job I like, absolutely I would have considered that. But not one that came and spoke to me ever said that’s the job I’m waiting for, that’s the job I want. To say that I snubbed anyone that is within the district, I would find a difficult time figuring that out.”

“It’s just as if you were going to choose someone that’s going to work for you as the manager of your store. Wouldn’t it be smart to know everything you need to know about that person so that you can turn your back and go forward. Because I know (Lawrence's) competencies because I have worked with him.”

Board attorney Jim Robinson said there was no legal requirement to post the position.

Board member Linda Lerner praised Lawrence's hiring, but said there still needed to be more discussion about why some jobs are posted and others aren't.

Deputy superintendent Jim Madden said he would bring more information about that to a future board meeting.

In another administrative move, the board did not take action on Janssen’s recommendation to make Rita Vasquez, now the chief turnaround officer, an area superintendent. Janssen pulled that item at the beginning of the meeting, saying she hadn’t been able to meet with board members individually to discuss it.

[Last modified: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 5:11pm]


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