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A stick that works?



Keys For about five years now, the state of Florida has tried to keep potential dropouts in high school by threatening to take away their driving privileges if they don't come back to classes. If teens age 14 to 18 have 15 unexcused absences in a 90-day period, the state sends them a notice that their license could be suspended unless they comply with Florida school attendance laws.

Minors in Florida aren't eligible for a driver's license unless they've completed high school or its equivalent, are enrolled in school or an education program, or have received an exemption. (Read the rules here.)

Does this work?

Well, it seems as if the state deletes more suspension notices than it enters into the system each quarter, and the number of second suspensions is low. Check out these stats, delivered to superintendents late last week:

  • 637 students received Notices of Intent to Suspend Driving Privileges
  • 2,562 Notices of Intent to Suspend Driving Privileges were deleted
  • 2,574 Non-Licensed drivers received notices that they were not eligible to apply and receive driver license
  • 6,785 Non-Licensed/Non-Compliance Orders were deleted
  • 410 Suspension Orders were issued
  • 2,128 Suspension Orders were cleared or deleted
  • 11 students who reinstated their driving privilege received 2nd suspension

(Image, Federal Highway Administration)

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